Thursday, 25 November 2010

New Blog....New Life..New makeover? er maybe not!!!

Bonjour mes amies!!

Welcome to the new me with a new glorious blog, wonderful new man and another new attempt to become even more glamorous!  Life is too dull and beige sometimes and I think we all need to get a little bit of fun and cheek into each week.  So here i go into one of my flights of fancy...buckle up!

As we are now in the cold winter months in Old Blighty soon the Christmas Season will be tempting us with chocolates, sweet wines and expensive twinkly baubles.   Then the New Year and time for those resolutions and the feeling of change.  With those images in mind and whilst re-vamping this blog my mind wandered into the territory of makeovers.  The media seem to be obsessed with self improvement shows and its always great to see a 'before' and the inevitable 'after' shock reveal.
Margaret to Margueritte

I do have a slight problem with some of the presenters however, Gok is lovely but can he do a makeover without putting someone in 6 inch stilettos?  I love a bit of Gok treatment every now and again but everyone looks good in high heels - unless after your 10th sambucca and you're trying to navigate stairs!

Trinny and Susannah seem to have only done a recent spoof of themselves on TV, lots of grabbing each others boobs and snorting. I like them but they do dress for the sloane set.

The main reason for makeover shows is to say to those unfortunate souls who perhaps prefer to be built for comfort not for tweed that frankly you aren't good enough me lovely.  I'm all for glam but in the sense of being practical. I mean what the good thing about going out is that it is an event, if i walked around looking glamorous all the time it wouldn't be as much fun getting ready.  Plus I would have to sacrifice an hour in bed in the morning and that's too damn valuable. 

Gok Magnet
My Internet search for makeovers was a bit overwhelming, but I found a site which not only offered to show you what you look like with different make up but also hairstyles.

Interesting..results without the effort...after fussing around for what was about two hours I came to the conclusion that this is a glorified drag queen simulator...forget Ru Paul just use this site to become your very own Danny La Rue.  I may interject at this point that I was listening to a lot of musicals and the Cure which may have swayed my choices.  But please have a look at my makeovers.....or dragface challenge....

Before - this is my normal Style:


I must admit this site was a lot of fun have a go! But it hasn't convinced me to change - although i may have to invest in some wigs.

The kind of ironic thing here is that I have been playing with this site for so long it's actually too late in the evening now to do my hair dye! Virtual Makeover 1 - Reality Beauty Update nil.

We do put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look great, I think my new motto is 'feel fabulous before you look fabulous as the two will go hand in hand'. 

As the party season approaches I truly believe the best makeover in the world is sharing time with the people you love.  So invite your loved ones over share a drink or too and look back at the photos - you'll see everyone will look a million dollars.

Until Next Week....Ugly Christmas Jumper Challenge!!!!

Aunty Deville


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