Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Bodycon vs Bottomus Prime

I may be kidding myself but I think I am actually feeling lighter, my clothes definitely feel better  - I hope!

The problem is I haven't actually got any weighing scales, a fault which is soon to be rectified on Friday - payday!!!  I love payday, the last two weeks of living like a refugee busker are over.  As soon as I know that my bank account will for a week at least be nice and plump like a well fed piglet - I start perusing the online shops for potential clothing...I have been in debt for so long it will be nice to buy something decent for the weekend...well at least thats what I was planning....

First stop ASOS - Holy Serena Scott!! - a new style of dress is in - it's called a 'bodycon'.  At first I thought they had brought out a new evil transformer but no -  these dresses are more like second skins and could only look decent on pre-pubesants or anorexics...j'accuse!!!   Not only that but the enemy of all rounded normal women is back.... Pastels!!!!

There is only one thing to do (play stirring jerusalem style music), place down those doughnuts, stop masticating those muffins and rise up to beat the Bodycon!!!!!

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