Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Just Dance!!!! Going gaga for the Wii...

I think the best exercise invention for gym haters has to be the wii.  I have in the past been a member of 10 various gyms and and know the drill...

You know what's like , you get all excited about joining the gym, fill out the forms get schmoozed by a sales assistant, pay a joining fee so some desk monkey can press a button and voila! You are a gym member!
You feel proud, optimistic and know that this time you are going to attend all sorts of classes and get as fit as Lara Croft running a marathon.....but that feeling doesn't last long.

After a month you start to wane, get home from work and the gym bag looks at you with longing. Then as the months go by the gym starts to feel like a distant relative you haven't called.  You know you should but just can't bring yourself to do it.  The next thing the direct debit is cancelled and you have to put 'NOT KNOWN AT THIS ADDRESS' to anything that vaguelly looks like a chase letter.  Ah the guilt, the skullduggery and the vicious circle.

But now comes the Wii - hurrah!! something that you can exercise with without the hassle of going out again, sharing changing rooms with strange outdoor types (especially those who walk round naked and proud like they are in a 70's naturist campsite), no more having to put up with the smelly guy next to you on the treadmill.  Freedom!!

I went to my friend Laura's yesterday and we used the Wii game Just Dance to exercise to. It is hilarious and very camp.  My kinda cardio.

After 40 mins we had tried to copy the dance moves to classics such as Cotton Eye Joe (proof that I will do almost anything to lose weight) Womanizer, Eye of the Tiger, Fame and others. This may sound quite easy but each dance does take a lot of energy. Normally I am a flawless dancer but it really is a lot more difficult being sober.

I have to thank Ian and Rees for introducing me to Just Dance and running me through my paces as boy, can those boys move!

I hope to be able to use some of the moves from Just Dance at Phil's Party so watch out if you see me heading towards the dance floor, actually clear a space just in case you get a wiinjury.

I can see the poster now - Deville performing dance moves from Just Dance - Book now!!!

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