Monday, 12 April 2010

The deadline has been set!!!!

After spending the last two hour trying to work out how to put a countdown clock in my blog - i've finally done!!! Ya-Tah!!!! During these two hours I have managed to delete my blog and had to re-set - all in the name of a countdown.

I feel exhausted my darlings!! (dramatic lurch to the side and arm up to forehead)

But now I have a deadline and a purpose to this blog - 95 days (3 months) til Phil's 30th birthday. 

Anyway back to the deadline, Phil's birthday party is going to be quite an occasion, friends and family coming from all over the place and a venue already hired.  He also has 3 ex-girlfriends coming along.(whom are all very nice btw).

Anyhoo...With all that in mind I  want to be lightly piroeting like a social butterfly through the party and not like the hippos in Fantasia......

Aim: To lose minimum 2 stone by the party and find a stunning outfit.
Time: 95 days starting today

Budget: TBA
Method : meal replacements and calorie counting.
Exercise: Using Just Dance and Wii Sports (thanks Phil for the wii)

Good bye chocolate, good bye crisps, and i think i'm gonna miss you most of all rose wine! (film reference anyone?)

1 comment:

  1. Last I looked I had 2 exs coming and one of them hadn't confirmed for sure yet!

    Now wheres those Pringles.....Nom Nom