Sunday, 11 April 2010

Like a velour bin, stuffed for the 56th time....

There are times in life when our inner concience pleads with us. 'Don't drink that 5th sambucca shot you have work tommorrow, you fool!', ' you are overweight and wearing high heels to a wedding!!', 'Don't buy those biscuits you'll just eat them all over one evening'.

Unfortunately for me, but hilarious to others; I am one of those who generally ignores that more can't hurt......but I look fab in heels, I can handle an all dayer....I'll just have one biscuit. As you can probably guess it never ends well - horrid hangover - doing the painful shoe walk whilst trying to look happy for people and an empty packet of Happy Shopper ginernuts staring back at me. (less money - less calories? er no fat girl sorry it doesn't work that way)

This blog ultimately is for me just to let some steam loose and also track my weightloss. I have always struggled to lose weight for certain reasons. I sometimes see food as an occupation rather than substinence and also I love to socialise and have the 'odd' sambucca. ('odd' translated in Fatish means as many as a person can handle before hospitalisation)

Of course there is nothing basically wrong with a bit of overindulgence, except when it effects your life in general. In the last four years I have put on 4.5 stone, after iniitally losing 3 stone and reaching the mythical size 10 I has always dreamed of. Now whilst typing this I am wearing a size 18 velour tracksuit and bunny slippers. Not exactly the cute skinny jeans and cute tops from that hallowed and magical year of the size 10. Damn and double damn with a side serving of damn for the weekend!!

Of course the huge toad in the hole I have just scoffed does not make me feel exactly of the Hot water and lemon club - no sugar! See there we go again - food as a hobby - the amount of cooked batter and dead mushed pig i have consumed can now only be burnt off my running a marathon. Quick! fetch me my trainers! Oh hang on 24 is on sky plus in a minute and there's sponge for pudding...

As you can see getting out of my bad habits is going to be a challenge. I will need all the will power possible in my crusade to stop being part woman part marshmallow. So for now whilst I am in self -loathing 'plan' stage (and the treacle sponge is in the oven) I say sofa so good...adipose amigos...


aka Deville

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